April 30, 2010

My Backyard View

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Hey Kids,

I thought I'd post some pretty & relaxing scenery. These are shots from my backyard. Surrounded by trees, the air is always so fresh and even though I'm not a big nature girl, there is something comforting about the trees. During sundown you can see the leaves shimmer and the redness of the sun shining through them is just incredible! I sometimes sit on the balcony for hours just enjoying the scents and sounds.

Internet Gangbangers

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Hey Kids,

So I'm super excited about my business trip to Vegas! Especially when my boss threw a few hundred on my desk for 'spending' money and finding out we are traveling in a limo to the airport. LIFE IS GOOD!

There was one thing I wanted to address. It is repeatedly coming to my attention that there is a surplus of internet gangbangers that are obsessed with me. I am actually happy about it! As Katt Williams said, if you have at least 5 haters you are doing something right! And I damn sure plan on getting 5 more by the summertime! If I am their reason for living, who am I to dispute that?

If you are expecting me to get pissed or to care what you say or think you got the wrong girl. Use your time to do what you do, which makes sense that you don't have men in your lives, because that is just pathetic, and being extremely fat doesn't help.

Spicy P will continue to do what she does best! I will continue to do my thing even LOUDER! My life is great and you guys are making it even greater. Just to know that I am so hated by people who never met me says alot about how jealously works.

So to all my twitterers, you don't need to give me minute by minute alerts of that bullshit. I don't have a problem with it and encourage them to continue. Enjoy your 15 minutes, I'm going to use mine to get a pedicure before my trip.

Happy hating!

Just looking at her...

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I don't know what happened. Last night I thought she was cute, I wake up and realize she is BEAUTIFUL! I just wanted to post another shot for you guys. So far? My best housing change to date!

April 29, 2010

Say 'Welcome' to the newest version of Spicy P!

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Hey Kids,

I don't know if you are aware but I have a name for my berry. I call her Spicy P. So if I say Spicy P, I'm not referring to myself in the 3rd person. I'm actually talking about my beautiful girl!

So she was once naked, now she is clothed! I must be getting better because this only took me 5 minutes! Surprised myself! I no longer need tutorials or instructions, I'm now just able to look at phones and figure out how to take them apart. This was the quickest I've ever done it, it usually takes about 20 minutes but it's always worth the effort.

April 28, 2010

Closer to Vegas!

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Hey Kids,

It's getting closer and closer to my Las Vegas business trip and I am so excited! This is my first trip with this company and hopefully not my last, I would LOVE if I got sent to China for a week or two!

April 27, 2010

Raw Food Diet & Obesity

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A few of you asked me about my "Raw Food Diet"...

I'm not hardcore or anything, I just try to eat at least two salads a day, I can't say that the added croutons, cheese and bacon bits help but I'm not trying to lose weight, I'm just trying to train myself to eat healthier!

SO MANY women are obese and as much as they want to say 'big is beautiful' I think its just a cop-out. No offense but I don't know of ANY large women who would turn down a chance to be thin if all they had to do is snap their fingers.

It takes discipline and perseverance to stay healthy and not overeat on junk. If you chose too that's your business but be prepared for the consequences. Just because a large portion of our population is obese doesn't make it right. So unless you have a disabling medical condition that doesn't allow strenuous workouts, get your ass off the couch and take a walk.

Stop sucking on the coke and suck on some water, stop nibbling on the Cheetos and nibble on some carrot sticks.

And to anyone that is offended too bad, obesity would be less of a problem if people would tell it like it is. Someone in my family is overweight and I would prefer to tell them they are fat than watch them die in denial. Screw that, I tell her to get her ass on a treadmill with me and it works. She may roll her eyes when she see's me but with type II diabetes weighing her down, she is grateful at the end of the day.

So if you are over your ideal weight (fat) or know someone who is, tell them to get their large asses up and about and get them healthy!

I say this with love and dedicate this to all of my large (fat) acquaintances and relatives :)

Plate M73

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Hey Kids!

So here are my nails tonight, GORGEOUS! The ladies at work always compliment me on my nails, I don't think they know how easy it is once you get the hang of it!

I used plate m73, Finger Paint's 'Hue Are You' and a bluish stamping color.

Again, lovely and took less than 10 minutes to actually stamp. I'll enjoy this design for maybe....36 hours before I change it again lol


Never Again!

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All of my twitterers know but I didn't announce it on here because I didn't want to jinx it!

I QUIT smoking! ::drumroll::

Spicy P smoked? GTFOH! Yes it's true! I didn't smoke a lot but maybe 1 or two singles a day for the last few years but surprise of surprises....I got addicted....

April 26, 2010

Something Interesting...

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You know what?

Something interesting just happened and I responded in a way that I didn't like. Usually, I'm the type to run up with my fist drawn but Antonio has really calmed me down over the years.

He has helped me to see whats really important in this life. We only have so many few days on this Earth, if the days we have are already filled with troubles, why in the hell do we look for more?

Eh, I thought I was a bad ass, learning how to hunt & taking my karate lessons. The fact that I can shoot two moving clay discs simultaneously with one bullet from my Mossberg 12g is still pretty damn impressive to me.

But none of that matters at the end of the day. What matters is that I come home to a beautiful condo in a great area, a wonderful man who fulfills my every need, a career, money in the bank for a rainy day, health, loving friends & relatives and I have no regrets.

At 27, I think I'm finally learning how to appreciate what I have, and to me that is worth more than wishing I had more than I did.

So to sum it up, I'm going to go snuggle up with my man, kiss his cheek and tell him I love him. Because at the end of the day, that's all that counts for something.

Oh! And I have hater groupies! Doesn't that just top it all!!!

::sigh:: don't you just love all this mushy talk? If your happy and you know it leave a comment :)


Spicy P

More 9700 housings to come!

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Hey Kids!

disclaimer - it is your right and your utmost peragotive to waste over $200 on a company that will color your housing for you and imprint their ugly ass logo on your phone! In my opinion, thousands of people have changed their housing and lived through the night. Don't be lazy, get some gonads and do it yourself!

If you know me then you know I am a HOUSING GURU! I change my bb housings at LEAST twice a month :) The standard black is cool but everything I own I must pinkify, which is my right as a girl. I have ovaries, therefore I am allowed to smother everything in my life: pink. HAHAHA!

Well anyway, you know I swear by truesupplier (I don't work for them and I will not get any money for advertising their services). I thought it sucked that most of their bezels weren't already soldered to the top covers on their 9700 sets and I emailed them asking them to just give me the item numbers in which the housing was already soldered. And guess what? I was assigned my own personal rep! How cool was that? It may have just been temporary but she let me pick out any housing I wanted and soldered it for me and I was even able to order through her.

I ordered two full housings for my 9700 in different shades of pink. They should be here in the next week and as usual, I will post PLENTY of pictures!

I'm so excited! - do you hear mumbling in the background? that's my baby, complaining about all 'this damn pink' on my side of the closet ;)

Oh well, I'm a girl and I love pink!

April 25, 2010

My Screenie Today!

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I am aboslutley in LOVE with the wallie I found for my Kitty 'n' Pink V3! It goes great with this theme!

Happy Sunday!

April 24, 2010

"Origin's" Review!

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Hi Kids!

I decided to do something a little different this time. I'm not really into making 'youtube' tutorial video's so when a fellow twitterer asked me how do I maintain such smooth skin, I told her my secret. It's an expensive one but I am completely in LOVE with the Origin's line. You can buy them at Macy's, Nordstrom's or on their website.

The stuff if pretty damn expensive, the lot you see will probably run you on average from $26-41 per product but to me its worth it.

I have combination/oily skin so its really important for me to have products that maintain my oiliness while I'm at work wearing makeup. I mean really, who wants to have their makeup sliding off their face? Not really attractive.

The "Origin" line focuses on all natural remedies for our skin ailments. I don't have to worry about the common silicone's and additives companies use to amplify their products. Origins is as natural as you can get besides rubbing berries on your face :)

Again, the stuff isn't cheap but the lot that you see here will last me AT LEAST 4-6 months. A little goes a long way with their products so if I only need to buy their products twice a year, it really is a steal :)

Spicy Coquette for the 9700 & 9600! *Free Theme*

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Hi Kids!

I know you have all been waiting for this and a LOT of people from Crackberry have emailed me asking me to bring back the Black Coquette theme. (Much thanks to the Ninja for hosting the OTA's)

Download the theme, its pretty self explanatory. It is hidden today, of course with hotkeys (o=options, spacebar=quicklaunch, $=pictures, c=camera)

Spicy Coquette for the 9700: OTA

Spicy Coquette for the 9600: OTA


April 17, 2010

Rockin' my latest and greatest...

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Kitty N Pink V2

Kitty N Pink V3
Without pink top banner and a 6th mini icon

Hey Kids!

Back again with another screen shot of my current theme for sale, "Kitty N Pink" the alternate version. I usually grow tired of my themes after a few days but NOT this one!

I also made another version, basically the same theme but I took off the pinkish banner on the homescreen and left the banner with the pattern. And I added an extra mini icon. It goes better with most of my wallpapers.

Well, that's enough theme'ing tonight. Tonight is our "Date Night" so I have to get ready to have a good time with my man! Hopefully we can end the night with a drive-in movie and act like teenagers.... ::sigh::

Have a good night!

April 15, 2010

Alternate Version Of 'Kitty n Pink'

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Hi Kids,

After many requests, I decided to release my alternate version of "Kitty n Pink". As usual, for these icons there is a fee. (I'm not in the habit of premium themes, but if I pay for the icons you better expect it!) And as usual the cost is very reasonable.

This theme is "hidden today", it has Hotkeys (o=options, spacebar=quicklaunch, $=pictures, c=camera), transitions and cute mini icons!

I'm pricing this alternate version at $3.25

This is by far my best theme, the cost is due to the week of painstaking research, svg files, cost of icons and the bottles of Motrin it took to make it :)

Use the donate button and I will send you a zip as soon as time permits.

And if you have a problem with the cost, blah blah blah, instead of telling you where to 'stick it' I will say that you have a second option...you don't have to buy it :)


April 10, 2010

Who doesn't LOVE this girl?

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I recently bought Brandy's new album "Human" and I got to say, I was not disappointed. I NEVER was. All of her songs are heart-tuggers and they always touch me personally regardless if she is singing about found love, heartbreak, good times & hard. Her sultry voice strikes emotional responses in me. Listening to her is like riding on a emotional roller coaster. I have been a huge fan since her Moesha days and even before that....

She is such a beautiful woman and a positive role model. She is a extremely humble celebrity and I wish all the good things in the world for her and her family.

Pick up her album...I promise you'll love it :)

April 8, 2010

In Love All Over Again...

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He loves making funny faces to cheer me up :D

I'm not one to really throw my business out there for the world to see but this time I am doing it out of love.

If you are currently in love or have ever BEEN in love, you know what I'm going through. The past year and a half has been the best time of my life since I met my boyfriend. Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky. He has it all! Good looks, intelligence, drive, style, successful and charming. The other stuff I can't name because its 'nasty' :P

We are to the point now where we finish each others sentences, I know what he's thinking, he knows what I'm thinking. The entire world looks brighter because our love is in it.

My Screenie Today :)

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Hey Kids!

Here is my screenie for today. Rachel gave me some good ideas on fonts so I decided to edit my 'Kitty N Pink' theme for my personal tastes only. It's really just a font change but I LOVE it! My original "Kitty N Pink' theme is still available for sale.

I'd like to thank you all for following my blog and your generous donations. As I promised on twitter my next theme is free....I know we are all SICK of the sticker icons but who gives a damn! I'm going to make another theme with them anyway! So there! LMAO!


April 7, 2010

Las Vegas! Ehh....

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Ehh....hard to be really excited about this one...

I'm at my new job for a little over a week before I find out that I'm going to be making a business trip to Las Vegas, Nevada for a few days in May. We're going to be staying at a 5-star hotel, entertaining clients with cocktail parties, have some time for the casino's, blah blah blah.

April 4, 2010

Pretty 'N' Pink

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Hello Again!

So this is a upclose shot of my new theme. I've gotten a lot of good reviews on it and I myself am in LOVE with it! Thanks to for Rachel for showing me how to do mini icons!

Kitty 'N' Pink Theme for 9700 & 9600 Devices!

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Hi Kids!

This is my newest creating "Kitty N Pink" This theme has mini icons that are hidden today. Hotkeys and transitions!

And it's only $2 ($1 for those who ALREADY follow me on twitter)


Berry Obsessed Thank you for visiting my blog Come Again!