April 7, 2010

Las Vegas! Ehh....

Written By Spicy P @ 6:08 AM
Ehh....hard to be really excited about this one...

I'm at my new job for a little over a week before I find out that I'm going to be making a business trip to Las Vegas, Nevada for a few days in May. We're going to be staying at a 5-star hotel, entertaining clients with cocktail parties, have some time for the casino's, blah blah blah.

That's all great, nothing I haven't done before. The last business trip I took was to a seminar in Denver, CO ::shudders:: but ANYWAY....like I said, that's all great.

Until it dawned on me, how in the hell are we getting there! By plane! My friends and I have driven to Vegas plenty of times. No biggie! (I'm in the Bay Area, California) but a PLANE?

With all the news reports of cracked out pilots and defective planes, what the hell is going on? Why is it all of a sudden that it is NOT safe to fly anywhere! Even 1 state over? I have never been scared of planes before but I swear it's like someone put a curse or a hex over our aviation industry....

Ehh....I'll get over it and I'm sure I'll enjoy myself...Then again, I better pack light because I'm going to have to go through 50 million security checkpoints before I reach the plane.

...I wonder if anyone sells transparent luggage?

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