April 26, 2010

More 9700 housings to come!

Written By Spicy P @ 8:31 PM
Hey Kids!

disclaimer - it is your right and your utmost peragotive to waste over $200 on a company that will color your housing for you and imprint their ugly ass logo on your phone! In my opinion, thousands of people have changed their housing and lived through the night. Don't be lazy, get some gonads and do it yourself!

If you know me then you know I am a HOUSING GURU! I change my bb housings at LEAST twice a month :) The standard black is cool but everything I own I must pinkify, which is my right as a girl. I have ovaries, therefore I am allowed to smother everything in my life: pink. HAHAHA!

Well anyway, you know I swear by truesupplier (I don't work for them and I will not get any money for advertising their services). I thought it sucked that most of their bezels weren't already soldered to the top covers on their 9700 sets and I emailed them asking them to just give me the item numbers in which the housing was already soldered. And guess what? I was assigned my own personal rep! How cool was that? It may have just been temporary but she let me pick out any housing I wanted and soldered it for me and I was even able to order through her.

I ordered two full housings for my 9700 in different shades of pink. They should be here in the next week and as usual, I will post PLENTY of pictures!

I'm so excited! - do you hear mumbling in the background? that's my baby, complaining about all 'this damn pink' on my side of the closet ;)

Oh well, I'm a girl and I love pink!

2 Thoughts on "More 9700 housings to come!"

Deshana on April 27, 2010 at 9:19 AM said...

I just ordered my first housing(not from TrueSupplier, unfortunately, my next couple of housings will come from them though) and i can't wait to get it. My question to you is, how did u find out how to change the housings? And is it hard? I'm going on Youtube tonight to see if i can find a "hot to do it" video. Wish me luck!

Spicy P on April 27, 2010 at 2:41 PM said...

Good luck! Unfortunately there aren't a lot of clear instructional videos on changing the 9700. I do it by experience and my touch. I am seriously thinking of making a tutorial because I don't know if I could put if Ito words. Did u have any specific questions?

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