April 30, 2010

My Backyard View

Written By Spicy P @ 11:41 PM

Hey Kids,

I thought I'd post some pretty & relaxing scenery. These are shots from my backyard. Surrounded by trees, the air is always so fresh and even though I'm not a big nature girl, there is something comforting about the trees. During sundown you can see the leaves shimmer and the redness of the sun shining through them is just incredible! I sometimes sit on the balcony for hours just enjoying the scents and sounds.

When its raining? Its even more beautiful! I enjoy looking at the raindrops fall off the leaves and branches. It reminds me of going to girl scout camps when I was a girl. Back then, my fear of insects (eww) kept me from enjoying it the way I can now as an adult.

Anywho, something calming and soothing to end a hectic week. Enjoy in good health!


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