May 1, 2010

Best Facial Ever!

Written By Spicy P @ 4:47 PM

Hey Kids,

I just got back from the Origin's store and as usual, I bought more than I intended but who cares! If you can afford it, then do it! I was offered a free facial a week ago and since I had a $80 credit I decided to try some of the other products I didn't pick up the last time. Erin just gave me the BEST facial I have ever had! My skin is so soft, and feels so smooth! There is also the smell of peppermint & lavender that has been lingering around my face for hours! Overall? My skin feels healthy!

First she put some cool pads on my eyes, she then used a product that is akin to a "Chemical Peel" without all the harsh additives, Origin's focus are in natural products for about $40 you can get this jar filled with 40 pads that you rub on each side of your face for 60 seconds each side 2x per week. She then rubbed the corresponding skin corrector over the peel and once it was removed, I immediately felt the difference! She did some other stuff that I can't remember, partially because I feel asleep I was so relaxed! As usually she sent me home with samples of other products I didn't pick up the first time around? Am I an Origin's whore?


When she went the extra mile and started rubbing my arms and hands I was in heaven, the smells were so intoxicating and I've never been so relaxed after a facial!

I highly recommend Origin's! The products in the pictures are about $40-$45 a piece. Since I had a large store credit I only had to pay for one :)

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Cesar Vargas on May 10, 2011 at 2:40 PM said...

I totally agree that natural and organic skincare area must for healthy skin.

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