May 14, 2010

Why Men Do The Things They Do....

Written By Spicy P @ 7:49 PM
*disclaimer* Babe, I love you, you are the most intelligent person I know. You are a respected manager and you leave me evey day wearing the sharpest ties and perfect creases in your slacks. Hell, you even own more suits than I do! But as smart and wise as you are, I have to make fun of you right now lol*

Its 11:30am, I'm at work putting together a presentation for a major client. I get a call from my man..."Babe, I locked myself out of the house, come home!" Ok no problem, I can take my lunch early. We live 15 minutes away from my job.

Before I even grab my purse I get another call..."BABE, I got stung in the face by wasps!" CLICK!


I rush home to find my man in his work clothes, sitting on his car with his hand over his forehead.

Here's what happened. I DON'T KNOW WHERE HE FOUND A LADDER but he decided to climb up to our second story open the sliding glass doors (which were locked) to get into the house.

On his way up the ladder he saw a wasp's nest. FOR SOME REASON he decided to poke it. He said he wanted to make sure there weren't any in there...


Apparently, the MOTHER wasp (the size of a golf ball) flew out of the nest and stung my baby on the forehead 3 times. WHILE he was on the ladder....

So if you can picture a sharply dressed man, on a ladder, getting stung by a wasp in the face...

He looked just like a little kid who knew he messed up but didn't want to admit it. OF all the stupid things I ever imagined Antonio doing it wouldn't have been to POKE at a wasps nest! lmao!

Thank God, he didn't get stung in the eyes, and thank GOD he didn't fall off the ladder.

The more I thought about it the funnier it became! I'm just glad he's alright but hopefully he learned a lesson about the unwillingness of nature to bend to our needs.

I kissed his stings, put some ice on them and sent him on his way to work. for some reason, this experience just made me love him all the more. He risked a wasp sting by trying to get into the house himself to save me from leaving work. A happy ending to a pointless adventure :)

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Does he have any brothers??? lol I need a good man too!

Spicy P on May 19, 2010 at 7:54 AM said...

As a matter of fact he does! His brothers AND his father are fine! A gorgeous group of men lol

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