August 27, 2010

My Face & Makeup Regimen :)

Written By Spicy P @ 9:45 PM

Hi Kids,

So I promised my beautiful twitter ladies that I would post my daily & weekly skin care regimen and the wonderful makeup products I use to keep face looking flawless! And of course I jog and do sex aerobics to keep my body bangin! But I’m not going to give a tutorial on the last part…hehehe….

So let’s start with the face…shall we?

Daily Face Regimen

Origins ‘Mint Wash’ $26, Juice Beauty ‘Blemish Clearing Serum’ $29, 
Origins ‘White Tea Skin Guardian’ $45

Exactly in that order. I wash my face and then I use the blemish clearing serum because it is an EXCELLENT mattifier! I don’t have a blemish problem but around 2pm? I’m oilier than a bucket of fried chicken! I so LOVE my Origins line! I have experienced such a change in my skin! Especially since I started using the ‘White Tea Guardian’ it basically protects your face from harmful outside elements such as smoke, pollution and other nasty things that can cause premature aging. I swear buy this stuff! But at $45? It BETTER work! And it does!

Origins ‘Brighter By Nature – Brightening Peel $55

Is similar to an acidic peel but cheaper. This bottle of 40 pads will run you around $50 but it’s so worth it. Week by week I literally see years fade away from my face. At least it seems that way. My pores have shrunken, I have a healthy glow to my skin and I’m able to retain moisture longer than I ever have before. I use 1 pad once weekly.

These last two weekly products are two masks that I alternate on a weekly basis, both are excellent and will run you about $30 each I believe.

Make Up Regimen

For us sista’s it is SO hard to find a color match! I have settled for MAC for years because I didn’t want to spend any more money trying anything else out. And I sure didn’t want to go to the Fashion Fair line and wind up looking like a corpse! x_x…So I did a hop, skip & and a jump to Sephora, and behold. I found my exact match with the Make Up For Ever line….and that’s not all…

Make Up For Ever HD Primer $32, Make Up For Ever HD Foundation $40, 
MAC Brush #187 $42, MAC Fix+ $20

I use my #187 brush and use a ‘stippling’ method (you tube, people, YOU TUBE) to apply my primer and foundation. The primer is excellent, it smoothes out the skin and basically hides any imperfections creating the perfect glow in preparation for your foundation. I have to say the Make Up For Ever’s foundation exceeded my expectations! It gave me sheer/full coverage (if that’s possible) after using the stippling method; I had an ‘airbrushed’ look to my face, for the first time? I honestly couldn’t tell I was wearing makeup! I’m not going to go into details but the MAC Fix+ is an invigorating water mist that I spray on my face before applying the foundation and primer.

Make Up For Ever Camouflage Concealer #4 $32, Urban Decay Primer Potion $26, 
MAC Pot Concealer $20 each (I think?)

This is pretty self explanatory, every lady has their weird way of applying their eye primers and concealers, and I’m no exception!

Make Up Forever HD Powder $16 (Travel Size), Smashbox Blush Rush $26, MAC Blush $26?, MAC Brush #182 $47

Since I’m using the primer and foundation from MUFE, I’m using their corresponding HD powder; don’t let this white powder fool you ladies! It goes on sheer and is an excellent mattifier! Gotta have the blush! Smashbox all the way! And I am in LOVE with my MAC #182. It’s more of a buffer and I use it for powders but I have another brush for my blush.

And here are the rest of my goodies! My Sephora eyeshadow palette, my MAC pot shadows, MAC blush in Raizen, MAC powders & foundations and my coveted collection of MAC brushes, I only use MAC brushes and will continue to do so unless I find something better.

Before the year is over, I may transition my shadows and Blushes from MAC to Nars so the basics that WON’T change. The basics for my face go to MUFE, my face regimen goes to Origins, my brushes? For now go to MAC.

Hope you guys enjoyed this little synopsis on how I make up my face!

Nighty night!

4 Thoughts on "My Face & Makeup Regimen :)"

kay♥ on September 2, 2010 at 4:42 PM said...

thanks for sharing. do you like the shadows in the sephora palette??

Yukii on September 3, 2010 at 12:04 PM said...

Hey Spicy! Thanks for sharing your regimen! I've been looking everywhere for something good for oily skin. I can actually fry eggs on my T-zone! Lol! I'm going to the mall to get me some Origins now. :) Also, I read your blog posts and thank you for sticking up for a lot of us. My thanks comes from my heart. Being pulled into theme drama outta nowhere sux.. Then being ganged up on is 10x worse. I almost quit theming. But good people like Bee and eMarsha convinced me to keep going and forget about the drama. That's what I'm doing. :) So again, thanks girl for everything. Mwahhz love!! :)

Spicy P on September 4, 2010 at 5:23 PM said...

Hey Kay! I LOVE the shadows in the sephora palette! They are very pigmented and aren't like the cheapie shadows you usually find on eBay. That palette? Was on sale for $12! So worth it!

Spicy P on September 4, 2010 at 5:24 PM said...

Hi Yukii! I heard about your story as well, even though I never met you its fucking shameful to pick on the nicest people out there. Ironically? I just read your post but was going to send you a twitter follower request!

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