October 19, 2010

Primers, Where Have You Been All My Life?

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Hey Kids :)

Today's lesson are Primers! Where have they been all my life? I know a lot of ladies, don't truly understand primer's and their function in creating a flawless and beautiful face! So Spicy P is going to explain it too you. The information I'm going to give to you is not scientific, not copies from any website and is solely from my own experience, which I think is often the best advice to give. Like I said before, I trust a man's opinion about makeup as much as I trust their opinion on what strength tampon is best for light flow days!

What are primers?

Primers are essential to a flawless and smooth face, they often contain 'cones' i.e Silicone's or Dimethicone's which actually smooth out wrinkles and give a smoothness to the face that otherwise is not there. Just imagine a painter starting to paint on a blank white canvas, how smooth and even the color's show as opposed to a painter who starts to paint on a dirty canvas, the colors are not so smooth and you can still see the imperfections on the canvas regardless of how much you try to cover them up.

Primers basically give your face a smooth surface, so smooth that your makeup just glides right on. With a primer, it turns your concealer into a powerhouse, instead of packing on concealer to cover that one stubborn spot, the primer has already filled it in and smoothed it out so you actually save money on your makeup and concealer instead of piling it on!

You can definitely see the difference in those women who use primers, their face has that almost perfect "airbrushed look" Then again, you don't have to take my word for it. Stop by your local Sephora and pick up a sample :)

Look at the below picture - here are the primer's I HAVE USED and I'll review today. Let's start with the far right and work our way to the left!

Monistat Chafing Gel, $7.00 - (Blue Tube) / Don't even go there! I KNOW, Monistat? Girl are you crazy? When you think of Monistat you think of yeast infections! Why would you put that line on your face? Well first of off its a chafing gel! Its for those large people whose thighs may rub together when they walk? You sooth this gel on the thigh to ease the irritation...but then again, others say? This is a EXCELLENT facial primer? Word? I just had to try it out for myself!

It works almost as well as my favorite primer? But I think I have a high sensitivity to dimiethicone so it broke me out something awful, but I can't knock the ladies for trying to save money! Try it, if it works for you and doesn't break you out? Go for it!

Make Up For Ever HD Primer #4, $32.00 - (Brown Bottle) Now this is a color correcting primer, honestly, I was expecting a bit more from a primer, it didn't smooth out as well as my favorite primer but you know what I found this is good for? I don't use it as a primer anymore but as a tinted moisturizer! You know when you are late for work and don't have time for foundation? I use this gem as a light foundation because the tint matches my tone very well. As a primer, I'd have to give it a boo, but as a substitute for foundation? I'd have to give it a YAY!

Smashbox Photo Finish Light, $36.00 - (White Fluid)
Smashbox Photo Finish, $36.00 - (Clear Fluid)

These primers? Are my all time favorites and the shizzitlebambizzle! Bamsnizzle! You get my drift. To me? These are the Mecca's of primers! They have two versions, Photofinish and Photofinish Light. Photofinish light is just more for oily and acne prone skin. So if you have sensitive skin, I would get a sample of the Light version but either way you can't go wrong.With my Smashbox primers, I use less makeup trying to acheive that flawless "airbrushed look' my makeup glides on so smooth and its so easy! Just put it on before your foundation with a foundation brush and wait a few minutes then apply your foundaton!

If you didn't have smooth and even skin before? Bet your last dollar you will have it now!

MAC - All Matte, $18.00 - (Clear MAC Tube) - I'm not even sure if this could qualify as a 'primer' I use it only for my oily T-Zones, it mattifies to a degree but its not going to stop oil in its tracks but it does help. It doesn't work at evening out the skin as well as the Smashbox, but if you want to curb oil about maybe 10%? Pick up the all matte!

Ok ladies, I'm pressed for time, the last to products are a Too Faced and a Sue Devitt primer that I don't have time to review, they are not that great anyway. So you have my prime 'primer' picks LOL hopefully this helped you, if it did leave a comment or suggestion if you have any primer tips of your own.

Since I'm at work, I guess I better get back to it!


Spicy P

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