November 28, 2010

Bad News...(Depending How You Look @ It)

Written By Spicy P @ 2:23 PM 6 Thoughts
Ok kids...sad to say that I had to sell out...I'm no longer a Blackberry girl, now I'm a HTC Glacier girl...

Ms. Marsha from has been talking to me non stop about how wonderful her Droid was. I didn't want to believe it! The Blackberry is the shit right? WRONG. I ran to my nearest T-Mobile to pick up the latest droid which was the Mytouch 4G and low and behold I fell in love!

What you can do on the Blackberry, you can do on the Droid! Not only that the OS is 50 years AHEAD of the Blackberry. Anything is possible with the Droid. I am only pissed I didn't find it sooner! So not only did Mrs. Marsha open up my eyes she also spent countless hours helping me hack into it (the way you would jailbreak an ipod) so now I have a "rooted" droid and I am in love...

I never thought I'd be happy to say "I sold out"...but then again? I'll never turn back! It's time for better and new things and this was definitely a good choice for me :)


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