July 24, 2011

The Prodigal Bitch

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Hello lovelies!

So I'm not going to even front...I don't have time to create a separate blog. I don't have time to fight Internet wars for PMS Supremacy. I barely have enough time to scratch my own ass so everything will stay on this blog and all of my followers can love me from here (All 2 of you) :) hehehe...Just so busy! I'm working a bit more.. I signed up for a volunteer literacy program that teaches adults how to read and I started a small side business which I didn't think was going to take off but it did! So I basically leave my house at 6:30am and most nights don't return until 10-11pm. So sorry babies, I just don't have the time :(


I am no longer a nicotine whore! After smoking a pack every 2 days for the last 10 years in my first attempt at quiting? I am doing great and I feel excellent! This Tuesday will mark 14 days (cold turkey) It was the HARDEST THING I ever had to go through...I guess they say nicotine is more addictive than heroin for a reason...

First on the agenda?

I ditched my Mytouch 4G...so if your in the market for a white Mytouch in good condition? Holla! I also (like a dumb ass) bought 4 of the new T-Mobile OEM hard pink cases (which you can see in the picture toward the right) They retail at $30 each and I have a few of them. I bought them because I'm always scratching my cases so I need to have backup...So if your looking for a good deal I'm gonna let it all go for under $200.

The very next day I bought my HTC Sensational! (Hit the market in June 2011)  I don't know how to explain this phone...essentially I can say...I never knew what love was...until I saw (bought) you...my HTC Sensational lives up to her name. This bitch is Sensual and a total Bombshell!

Maybe its the 4.7" LCD screen...maybe its the Gingerbread OS or HTC Sense 3.0...even though I can't root right now? I can't even tell...this phone is AMAZING! The animations on this baby are mind blowing...I can't explain how this phone has stolen my heart and planted tiny baby kisses all over my spine. (Was that too graphic?) Go to your local T-Mobile and play with one...you'll see what I mean!

Plus....she's a REAL lady! This girl has a TON of class! You know how most phones give you that earth quake vibrating off the table movements when you have it set on vibrate? This little lady vibrates in a "classy" way. Subtle and very charming...No, I'm not crazy. I am essentially writing a poem of love and devotion to a phone...a piece of equipment that I'll probably toss aside in 6 months....but for right now? Even though I didn't have to pay retail this baby is worth the $650 it costs!

Plus being voted one of the top three droids by every review site on Google really helps :)

I know what I like and I know I LIKE my HTC Sensational!

May 6, 2011

Ok You Guys - Links Are Back Up!

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Hey Kids!

I have been away for a while so I have received a TON of emails saying that my theme links are down but they are NOW fixed! (Yay!) So you can now click on the themes and enjoy!

Also, instead of giving you a long speech about what I've been up too I thought I would post pictures to kind of indicate where I have been and what I have been doing!. Of course since I now to go the gym 6 days a week, you don't want to see me sweat nor are you probably interested in the beautiful new array of sex toys that have found their way into my house.

Until next time!

My Nails - Of Course Are Always On Point!

You Know Your Girl Loves Her Fried Chicken!

"SCREAMS" See How Long My Hair Grew?

OMG My New Favorite Scent! 

I Don't Know About The Guys, But Wearing These Heels?
Instant Orgasm!

Paydays! I LOVE Them!

I Did A Quick Calculation, 
I Use At Minimum These Products DAILY!

This Home Whitening Kit Has The BEST Online Reviews, They Give You Dental Grade Stuff, Plus Customized Dental Trays!

So that's it, that has summed up my last couple of weeks to the fullest! The "G" rated sections anyway, HAHAHAH!

March 14, 2011

Divine Intervention

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Ok Kids,

I know half of you find me offensive and a sub human bitch and that is fine. But I will say this...I am NOT a wolf in sheep's clothing, I am just a wolf and you will see me coming! I'm sick of two-faced bitches. As my 28th birthday approaches I am happy for my accomplishments! But for whatever few readers I DO have I just have to say this...

I had a divine intervention while I was flossing my teeth and this is what I realized. Half of the bitches on the net are fake as fuck. All these theme and wallpaper cliques and piece of shit clubs are bullshit! What I don't understand, is that half of you bitches have KIDS? Which is why when I do have my own offspring? I don't care if I don't have a dime to my name, my child is going to private school. All this bullying and pettiness has gone on for YEARS so I'm at the point where I'm about to close my blog because even though I don't have a Blackberry? I still hear about the shit! So fuck ya'll and ya petty ass drama fixes you need to have in order to have a exciting life. If this is what life is about, kill yourself.

But then again, don't. If this is what does it for you, who am I to say your life is pathetic? So what I'm going to do is start a NEW blog! I've realized that having a droid opened up a whole new world of possibilities! For example, I completely bricked my Glacier (or so I thought) It wouldn't even TURN ON! So after 12 hours of researching my problem, turning it on, loading Cyanogen Mod 7, Reloading Froyo, downgrading Clockwork Mod I finally figured it out.

I am so excited about the things this damn phone can do and I would love to share it with all of you but not under this blog. All the bitches I mentioned earlier are named in this blog at some point in time. Scallywags...So I really do want to start a new blog, but if no one is going to read it hey, let me know so I can go stamp my nails instead. Either way its a win win...

On another note, I was recently promoted (yay), well I think I was just givin an additional title with a pay raise (yay) but my boss decided to leave for Hawaii for a little while (boo) and told me I am officially the CEO of this company for a week, so kick ass...At first I thought he was already trying to inflate my already inflated ego but as the days went by and I noticed I had a blue tooth glued to my ear and bloodshot eyes from working 14 hours a day? Being the boss is no joke! Now I understand why I never wanted to own my own business.

But there is something about being the boss that is such an adrenaline rush! But anyway that is where my time has been occupied.

So let me know if the specific Droid blog will work for ya? I don't even know if that's anything you guys are interested in so let me know.


January 19, 2011

Holy F!

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Hey Kids,

OMG I haven't posted in SO long but there has been SO much going on in my life lol. First I have been so wrapped up in my droid that I haven't been able to focus on anything else so here is what I will do. I will start posting about my droid, favorite apps, rooting techniques and so on...

Then my car was stolen on CHRISTMAS! Now ain't that a bitch! I live in a upper middleclass area and yes, my car was stolen from right in front of my condo, on Christmas! Fuckers lol! Better my car than my condo because somebody would have gotten filled with hollow point bullets. I don't play! So anyway the day before I had to go to work? I bought a new car! I had to get to work right, paid cash and everything! So as I'm driving to work that Monday in my new car enjoying the new scent I get a call from the Pleasant Hill (20 miles away) police department...They found my car, in great condition, no damage....

Now ain't that a bitch! So for a week I had no car now I have two. God works in mysterious ways right? Other than the used condoms and empty beer bottles? My old car is ready to sell and safely hidden in my daddy's garage...but the pricks did take my Juicy Couture sun shades (that I stole from someone else) so no big loss...

Anyway this weekend I will catch up on my free giveaways!.

I have discovered a great new tool to keep your expensive makeup brushes in tack! They are called the brush guards. I'll take pictures when I get home and this weekend I may post a video on how to clean your makeup brushes properly and how to use the brush guards to keep their shape. So I may buy 2 packs of brush guards to give away to you guys...

So what else? I'm thinking of adopting a kitty cat! A 4-5 month old black cat...we will see when I go to the pet shop next weekend. Whatever cat falls in love with me first? I'll take her home :)

So those are the current events. I have set my phone up so I can be more on top of my comments, emails and my posts so this bloggy will be back up and running very shortly. 

Keep an eye out for the contest! And I do have 1 more social scope invite as I figured out a way to still use my Blackberry on wifi...there will be no freebies, if you don't win the contest no invites!


Spicy P


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