March 14, 2011

Divine Intervention

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Ok Kids,

I know half of you find me offensive and a sub human bitch and that is fine. But I will say this...I am NOT a wolf in sheep's clothing, I am just a wolf and you will see me coming! I'm sick of two-faced bitches. As my 28th birthday approaches I am happy for my accomplishments! But for whatever few readers I DO have I just have to say this...

I had a divine intervention while I was flossing my teeth and this is what I realized. Half of the bitches on the net are fake as fuck. All these theme and wallpaper cliques and piece of shit clubs are bullshit! What I don't understand, is that half of you bitches have KIDS? Which is why when I do have my own offspring? I don't care if I don't have a dime to my name, my child is going to private school. All this bullying and pettiness has gone on for YEARS so I'm at the point where I'm about to close my blog because even though I don't have a Blackberry? I still hear about the shit! So fuck ya'll and ya petty ass drama fixes you need to have in order to have a exciting life. If this is what life is about, kill yourself.

But then again, don't. If this is what does it for you, who am I to say your life is pathetic? So what I'm going to do is start a NEW blog! I've realized that having a droid opened up a whole new world of possibilities! For example, I completely bricked my Glacier (or so I thought) It wouldn't even TURN ON! So after 12 hours of researching my problem, turning it on, loading Cyanogen Mod 7, Reloading Froyo, downgrading Clockwork Mod I finally figured it out.

I am so excited about the things this damn phone can do and I would love to share it with all of you but not under this blog. All the bitches I mentioned earlier are named in this blog at some point in time. Scallywags...So I really do want to start a new blog, but if no one is going to read it hey, let me know so I can go stamp my nails instead. Either way its a win win...

On another note, I was recently promoted (yay), well I think I was just givin an additional title with a pay raise (yay) but my boss decided to leave for Hawaii for a little while (boo) and told me I am officially the CEO of this company for a week, so kick ass...At first I thought he was already trying to inflate my already inflated ego but as the days went by and I noticed I had a blue tooth glued to my ear and bloodshot eyes from working 14 hours a day? Being the boss is no joke! Now I understand why I never wanted to own my own business.

But there is something about being the boss that is such an adrenaline rush! But anyway that is where my time has been occupied.

So let me know if the specific Droid blog will work for ya? I don't even know if that's anything you guys are interested in so let me know.



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