July 24, 2011

The Prodigal Bitch

Written By Spicy P @ 10:47 PM
Hello lovelies!

So I'm not going to even front...I don't have time to create a separate blog. I don't have time to fight Internet wars for PMS Supremacy. I barely have enough time to scratch my own ass so everything will stay on this blog and all of my followers can love me from here (All 2 of you) :) hehehe...Just so busy! I'm working a bit more.. I signed up for a volunteer literacy program that teaches adults how to read and I started a small side business which I didn't think was going to take off but it did! So I basically leave my house at 6:30am and most nights don't return until 10-11pm. So sorry babies, I just don't have the time :(


I am no longer a nicotine whore! After smoking a pack every 2 days for the last 10 years in my first attempt at quiting? I am doing great and I feel excellent! This Tuesday will mark 14 days (cold turkey) It was the HARDEST THING I ever had to go through...I guess they say nicotine is more addictive than heroin for a reason...

First on the agenda?

I ditched my Mytouch 4G...so if your in the market for a white Mytouch in good condition? Holla! I also (like a dumb ass) bought 4 of the new T-Mobile OEM hard pink cases (which you can see in the picture toward the right) They retail at $30 each and I have a few of them. I bought them because I'm always scratching my cases so I need to have backup...So if your looking for a good deal I'm gonna let it all go for under $200.

The very next day I bought my HTC Sensational! (Hit the market in June 2011)  I don't know how to explain this phone...essentially I can say...I never knew what love was...until I saw (bought) you...my HTC Sensational lives up to her name. This bitch is Sensual and a total Bombshell!

Maybe its the 4.7" LCD screen...maybe its the Gingerbread OS or HTC Sense 3.0...even though I can't root right now? I can't even tell...this phone is AMAZING! The animations on this baby are mind blowing...I can't explain how this phone has stolen my heart and planted tiny baby kisses all over my spine. (Was that too graphic?) Go to your local T-Mobile and play with one...you'll see what I mean!

Plus....she's a REAL lady! This girl has a TON of class! You know how most phones give you that earth quake vibrating off the table movements when you have it set on vibrate? This little lady vibrates in a "classy" way. Subtle and very charming...No, I'm not crazy. I am essentially writing a poem of love and devotion to a phone...a piece of equipment that I'll probably toss aside in 6 months....but for right now? Even though I didn't have to pay retail this baby is worth the $650 it costs!

Plus being voted one of the top three droids by every review site on Google really helps :)

I know what I like and I know I LIKE my HTC Sensational!

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